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Star Trac Inspiration Strength™ - Abdominal Bench

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The Abdominal Bench features multiple positioning for exercise variaton of 0 to 30 degrees of decline, stabilization hand grips, weight plate pegs, integrated grip and wheels, rubber feet, and telescoping tibia pad adjustments to accomodate users of all sizes. The Inspiration Strength™ line offers Star Trac’s unique design platform.

The low-profile towers, soft frame lines and easily visible instructions offer an appealing approach to each machine. The Inspiration Strength™ line motivates with smooth function and satisfying feedback. Ultimately, the feel of the Inspiration Strength line – from the quality materials to the efficiency and effectiveness of the workout – makes the experience exceptionally rewarding.

Dimensions :51.4" W x 35.4" L x 45.9"
Overall Weight :212.7 lbs.

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