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revvl Adjust - Wall Mount

The revvll Adjust is a wall mount for the revvll PRO rope resistance trainer. Ideal for a secure mounting of the revvll PRO and the best choice to get all the possible exercises with pulling and pushing movements in all dimensions.

Pulling exercises overhead, horizontal rotation exercises on hip height, or biceps curls from below the knees: thanks to the revvll Adjust you can change the position of the revvll in just a few seconds. Being able to change the height of the revvll mount will give you the full range of rope resistance training exercises with the revvll PRO. A positive side effect: the revvll PRO won't hit against a rig, a wall or wall bars anymore. Thus, the revvll Adjust guarantees maximum safety for the revvll PRO and optimal training for the trainee.

Color :Silver mount; black mount
Height :6'4" (adjustable in steps of 2")
Screws for Wall Mounting :Not included

revvl PRO

the revvll PRO displays the entirely revised pro-solution in gym quality. Thoroughly developed and built in Germany this rope trainer features a new endless-rope, free of bond seams or screw joints, and designed for maximum endurance and a steady pulling experience.