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Star Trac - The Turbo Trainer™

The Turbo Trainer™ by Star Trac is a commercially designed air-driven bike that delivers simultaneous upper and lower body exercise through a distinctive isokenetic resistance mechanism.The flywheel design displaces air at a rate that matches the users effort level; the harder the flywheel is turned (higher RPM), the greater the isokinetic resistance.

This user drive system makes it a perfect complement to any facility, as the Turbo Trainer is appropriate for every fitness setting, from cardiac rehabilitation to sports performance and CrossFit boxes. The bike can also be used in the upper body only mode by placing the feet on the spacious foot platforms; making it perfect for users with lower body injuries or those wanting to focus on upper body only power.

Dimensions : 51" (L) x 29" (W)
Weight :155 lbs.
Max. User Weight :350 lbs.
Electrical :Self-contained power supply, no external power needed. (console requires 4 AA batteries)
Colors :Frame: Star Trac Silver, Shrouds: Slate Gray, Accents: Black and Red
Resistance :Isokinetic user drive system
Pedals/Crank :3 piece crank with sealed bearings, dual-sided pedal, extra long 14” pedal straps

Star Trac®

Star Trac® is dedicated to making exercise a compelling experience, so that people want to make health and fitness a lifelong commitment. Through a combination of user-friendly, innovative products and education, Star Trac® continues to change the way in which exercise and fitness influences peoples lives, from the beginner to the professional athlete.