Resistance and Strength training equipment today represents the most diverse category of fitness and wellness supply.

Star Trac Multi-Station - Five Station

The Star Trac Five Station has the smallest footprint possible while combining the most essential and core elements of its strength line. Add in great features like double box-stitched, dual-density foam pads and fully adjustable pulleys to help customize your workouts and you have an economical, space saving equipment solution that doesn’t look, feel or train like one. A great option when you want to offer a few seated strength stations but still need the versatility of cable. This station includes our state of the art Cable Cross as well as a Lat Pull Down, Triceps Press, and Low Row all with swivel pulleys.

Dimensions :200" L x 93.5" H x 146 W
Weight :2,350 lbs
Stack Weight :290 lbs. (Lat Pull Down / Low Row); 2 x 220 lbs (Tricep Press / Cross Over)
Available Colors :Black Upholstery / Star Trac Silver Frame

Star Trac®

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