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NuFit Corp. - NuGym Tone Kit

The NuGym Tone Kit is perfect for the on-the go and stay at home mother or family. The Tone Kit includes weights from 5lb to 15lb pairs for the home, office and gym. The comfortable grip, durable components and Life-Style colors are great for the entire family. Match your Life-Style colors with our unique NuBells in Pink, Green, Orange, Grey and Yellow. This Tone Kit is a match for individuals and families that enjoy walking, yoga, dancing and other toning exercises.

The versatile NuGym Tone Kit is easy to use and includes the lazy suzy table, 5lb, 10lb and 15lb pair of NuBells. Upgrade anytime to a NuBar to transform your NuBells into a complete 2 in 1 system. Eliminate the annoying plates, multiple dumbbells and bulky barbells. We offer different NuGym platforms and accessories to help strengthen your entire body including your core, upper body and lower body in the comfort of your own home to save space, time and money.

Weight Increments :5lb, 10lb, 15lb NuBells Pairs (and, incl. Lazy Suzy Table)
Colors :Pink // Green // Orange // Grey // Yellow
Material :Balanced steel core, which is then infused with our plastic injected center rings

NuFit Corp.

NuFit Corp. transforms the simplistic dumbbell into a multi-use versatile gym. The NuBells 2-in-1 system is the foundation to an expanded and comprehensive fitness workout. NuBells cover a wide range of workouts focusing on ergonomics, comfort and balance.