Resistance and Strength training equipment today represents the most diverse category of fitness and wellness supply.

TRX® - Duo Trainer

Gymnastic Rings Meet Suspension Training in the new TRX® DUO TRAINER! Designed for individuals of all fitness levels to tap into greater levels of strength, mobility and endurance. The TRX® DUO Trainer’s dual-anchor-point design enables hanging exercises, including pull ups, dips, muscle ups and much more.

With ergonomically-correct straight handles, the DUO Trainer offers strong, secure grips during bodyweight-based routines. The DUO Trainer's easy-adjust straps, Infinity Anchors and Mobile Grips provide seamless transitions into mobility, strength and core exercises for maximum results. The DUO is available in two lengths: Short (8 - 10 feet); or, Long (10 - 12 feet).

Includes :2 x Infinity Anchors; 2 x Mobile Grips; Mesh Carry Bag
Available Lengths :Adjustable: Short (8 - 10 feet); Long (10 - 12 feet)
Color :Black


TRX® is changing the way athletes of all abilities, fitness professionals around the country, and the U.S. military perform by offering an array of bodyweight-based training products and specialized training programs.