Industrial strength shelving and racking systems engineered for the fitness environment.

Celáre - Glass Door Locker (Two Tier / One Wide)

By combining high-end design, security and precision engineering, Celáre transforms locker rooms into exceptional spaces. Truly innovative, Celáre is available in a variety of styles and includes electronic locks by Digilock® for world-class security. The glass doors are made of sleek, shatter-resistant tempered
safety glass. Each door comes in a semi-precious color to create a stunning aesthetic. Choose from a variety of colors to complement any space. Universal frames allow door styles to be updated with facility redesigns.

Materials are sustainable and 100% recyclable. Engineered to withstand heavy use in demanding environments. A comprehensive ventilation system utilizes an aircushion that spans a full 72” to provide true vertical airflow. Celáre lockers can also be made available in one, two, three, and six tier in single
and double wide configurations.

Dimensions :76" H x 16" L x 20" W
Provided with :Glass door - 0.39"; 19 gauge body components; Number labels; Integral base