AIRTONIX - AE 3000 (Wall Mounted / Portable)

The AE3000 is a powerful and easy to portable atomizing diffuser system. Designed to be wall mounted or portable, with a custom programmable timer and built in battery backup. Each unit uses a 500mL aroma bottle. To install the fragrance bottle, remove the cap and insert the bottle into the diffuser head - no mixing, no mess, just the wonderful aroma of your favorite AE scent. Security lock for fragrance compartment.

The proprietary scent blends not only remove malordor, but replace it with the smell of vitality and well-being. The impressions this will make on your guests will exceed the modest investment in balancing their scent experience with other visual and sound enhancements you make in your facility today. Ambient scenting has become a part of multi-sensory marketing strategies designed to enhance customers’ experiences of a location and its services.

Dimensions :10" H x 10" W x 5.25" D
Weight :11 lbs.
Proximity :Unit scents approximately 30,000 ft.