Resistance and Strength training equipment today represents the most diverse category of fitness and wellness supply.

Vicore - Core Adjust

With the smoothest adjustment mechanisms in the industry, The Core Adjust Bench will glide to any number of angles, providing you a platform for infinite ways to strengthen your entire body. The Core Adjust bench also has foot pegs allowing for a great progression of exercise techniques.

The Vicore Body Link system dynamically connects the extremity muscles and your core muscles, making it impossible to work one without the other! Vicore's Core Adjust bench reduces tail bone stress and pressure by 94% over traditional foam surfaces. Using Vicore equipment drastically increases eccentric or negative force, causing muscle failure to occur much faster than with traditional benches. By utilizing an air filled surface, every curve and contour of your body not only receives equal support.

Dimensions :51" L x 27" W x 42" H
Weight :71 lbs.
Frame :Silver or White
Surface :Black


Based on the concept of Functional Fitness, Vicore's uniquely designed workout benches deliver a concentrated focus on agility, balance and enchanced coordination to maximize a strong core muscle group and unique workout experience.