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CorMax - Beast

The Beast is much more functional and specific to a lot of sport situations where the athlete has to act in a highly challenging environment with impact or contests from many directions. Your whole body has to move the unstable weight or to keep water under control. This trains not only your major muscle groups, but all those muscle you forget to exercise.

The Beast holds up to 15.8 gallons of water, providing a unique weight for working out with.

Every CorMax order will include a Filling Attachment to be used in combination with the CorMax Foot Pump. It is highly recommended to purchase the CorMax Foot Pump for optimal assembly.

Size :11.8" x 61"
Holds :15.8 gallons of water
Available Colors :Yellow, Grey and Blue


The ultimate in core training equipment which incorporates water as the resistance alternative, in which nearly every product and exercise will challenge your core.