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LYFT - 3-in-1 Soft Plyo Box

The LYFT 3-in-1 Soft Plyo Box minimizes the potential for injury and maximizes the training and fun factor with its smart design. With three diverse heights, the user can customize their workout and adjust the height at any time with one flip. This versatility not only provides unlimited conditioning options, but also removes clutter from the workout space.

The durable non-slip surface resists wear and tear while remaining firm even after heavy use. Safety is key to the Soft Plyo Box design as the reinforced soft foam protects the user from tipping or slipping, while remaining firm enough to perform all the desired plyometric movements.

Dimensions :20 in. (51 cm) x 24 in. (61 cm) x 36 in. (76 cm)
Color :Black


The LYFT Fitness premium line of functional exercise tools inspire and support today's high demand dynamic training environments.