An assortment of unique equipment designed to enhance the fitness training experience.


The Nexersys Commercial Model is specifically engineered and designed for a commercial facility to withstand dozens of users each day. The system is built with a slightly larger frame than our Nexersys Home model, a 22" High Definition touch screen monitor for easy navigation, an adjustable frame for users 5'2" to 6'8", adjustable feet for optimal balance and easy glide wheels.

Each unit stores up to 2,000 unique profiles and workout histories and comes with an attract and engage mode so users get a view into what Nexersys offers. It's perfect for beginners, intermediate or advanced users and offers the option for individual or group training. Include a 30-second warm up, 3 minutes of active exercise in cardio, core, technique and striking and a 30-second cool down and performance recap.

Footprint :Fits in 4' x 4' space
7 Leather Strike Pads :3 different zones to act as your sparring partner
Bilateral Arm Movement :Provide realistic impact resistance from any angle
Industrial Grade Steel Frame :315 lb frame tested for up to 3,500 hours of continuous use
Adjustable Feet :For optimal adjustment and balance
Audio Cables :For external speakers
Power Input :100-240V - 50/60 hz ZA