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TechnoGym® - Artis Recline

The user is able to move freely between the seat and the pedals to get on and off the machine, making the ARTIS Recline a comfortable solution even for users with partially limited mobility. The support bars, located at the side of the user interface, provide additional help when sitting down or getting back up after training. With 4 fixed positions, the padded backrest can be adjusted using the yellow lever placed beneath the handle to the left of the seat. Users of any build will appreciate the comfort and quality of the materials and backrest design.

Physical activity performed on ARTIS (measured in MOVEs) is recycled to power cardio. The unique seamless design and inspiring frameless geometry will capture the senses and allow your end-users to move naturally and feel at ease in a quiet, non intimidating environment.

Dimensions :66" L x 24" W x 54" H
Weight / Max User Weight :216 lbs. / 485 lbs.
User Height :4' 6" - 6' 7"
Number of Seat Positions :34


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