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TechnoGym® - Bike Forma

Bike Forma with its adjustable ergonomic saddle and handlebars with three different grip positions, allows you to find the ideal set-up. Silent and stable, it is perfectly suited to high-performance sports training. The distance between the pedal cranks has been
reduced to reproduce a pedaling movement more similar to that of a racing bike. The built-in elbow rests are made from a high-density material to improve riding comfort while in a racing position.

Entertainment Support allows you to place your tablet or smartphone onto the equipment’s display panel safely and simply. Thanks to the CPR (Constant Pulse Rate) system, Forma equipment stays tuned to your heartbeat to keep training programs safely and efficiently adapted to your needs.

Dimensions :46” L x 24” W x 53” H
Weight / Max User Weight :135 lbs. / 352 lbs.
Difficulty Levels :1 - 12
Resistance at 70 SPM (watts) :30 - 350
Suitable for users of height (feet) :5' - 6'7"


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