Resistance and Strength training equipment today represents the most diverse category of fitness and wellness supply.

Technogym - Plurima Multistation - Tower

With its triangular configuration, the PURIMA Multistation - Tower module offers more privacy to users and allows a complete strength training for the major body muscles, including dorsal muscles. Easy to use, and boasting a sleek and compact design, the Plurima is perfectly suited to a wide variety of exercise environments, even those with limited space.

The Plurima is a high-end product in which every aspect has been specifically designed to provide maximum results in complete comfort. It's an ideal complement to every line of Technogym cardio equipment, and a perfect solution for operators in the hospitality, residential and corporate sectors who want to meet the demands of all their guests or user profiles.

Dimensions :109" L x 107" W x 81" H
Weight Stack :Press / overhead Press - 120 lbs; High/Low Pull - 140 lbs.; Core/Leg Extension/Curl - 120 lbs.
Machine Total Weight :1334 lbs.
Footprint / Minimum Operational Space :80 sq.f; 101 sq.f


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