Strength Equipment

Strength Training encompasses the use of selectorized weight Machines, free-weights, and other equipment to support resistance based training.

Aktiv Kettlebell

The Aktiv® Kettlebell is ideal for explosive exercises that work major muscles to build power and burn body fat. This commercial grade set includes ten Kettlebells at weights ranging from 10 lbs to 55 lbs for continual progression to reach your long-term fitness objectives. Improve range of motion; burn calories, and improve functional strength with squats, snatches, cleans, jerks, the basic swing, figure 8 swing, curls, lifts, presses and more. Kettlebell training and conditioning is challenging and engaging - and, a popular alternative to traditional strength training. The Aktiv® Fitness premium line of functional exercise tools inspire and support today's high-demand dynamic training environments.

Weight :10 lbs - 55 lbs
Color :Black
Material :Rugged Rubber with nickel coated handle


Aktiv Solutions is the leader in functional training supply. Energizing and fun filled products designed to delivery dynamic training results.