Strength Equipment

Strength Training encompasses the use of selectorized weight Machines, free-weights, and other equipment to support resistance based training.

Hyperwear - Softbell Dumbbell

Hyperwear has challenged convention once again, this time bringing our dynamic fitness philosophy & unique brand of innovation to the world’s most popular piece of training equipment: the dumbbell. The last several years have seen exercise evolve from bulky, confining weight machines to more flexible free weights, and Hyperwear is spearheading the next evolution of training with the 4-in-1 SoftBell strength training system.

New versatile soft dumbbell that can be used as a single heavy dumbbell, a lighter one weight plate attached, or two lighter soft neoprene disc weights.

Softbell Dumbbell Light Set :3, 6, 9 lb. Dumbbells
Softbell Dumbbell Heavy Set :12, 15, 20 lb. Dumbbells
Softbell Dumbbell Full Set :3, 6, 9, 12, 20 lb. Dumbbells