Engineered floor coverings design to enhance and support the heavy demand of exercise programing and equipment.

FITGRAPHIX - 5 Square Agility

Expand your personal and small group training business model with FitGraphix. Your choice of “The 5 Square Agility” technical flooring graphic shown in this product display may be used alone or combined with any one or more of our other training solutions. In as little as a 100 sq. ft., you can accelerate your training business with our business solutions.

Create the most innovative functional training area in your facility with FitGraphix technical flooring graphics. Created with a special adhesive formula to ensure durable and lasting bonding between our effective training tools and your existing flooring or our new flooring solutions.

FitGraphix Functional graphics work perfect with all surfaces, including rubber, recycled rubber, concrete, wood or laminate are a perfect canvas for creating the most effective training environment.

Dimensions :31″ x 127″
Colors :White; Black; Red; and, Blue


Guided flooring systems that optimize the function of floor space, equipment, and the instructors that power them.