Flexibility & Recovery

Stretching and mobility equipment and accessory in support of a balanced training regimen.

Aktiv Personal Multi-Mat

The Aktiv® Personal Multi-Mat can be for yoga, Pilates, stretching, warmups, and any time you need a comfortable escape from a hard floor. Lightweight portable and easy to store, it's ideal for an unlimited number of exercises and conditioning regimens. Designed with antimicrobial protection to prevent bacteria and mold growth that may cause odors or stains. Extremely durable material provides cushioned support and protection. Easily clean the Aktiv Personal Multi-Mat with a damp cloth and/or antibacterial spray after every use. The Aktiv Fitness premium line of functional exercise tools inspire and support today's high-demand dynamic training environments.

Color :Blue, Grey
Size :6 ft. x 2 ft.


Aktiv Solutions is the leader in functional training supply. Energizing and fun filled products designed to delivery dynamic training results.