Engineered floor coverings design to enhance and support the heavy demand of exercise programing and equipment.

Ecore - Monster Roll

The Monster Roll is a 22.5mm system. It features Performance Roll 2.5mm + 8mm field united with a 12mm base layer that offers unique characteristics and sound deadening attributes.

The Stacked family of surfaces began to be manufactured and distributed by Ecore in 2014. This family of products offers everything an athletic director or head coach needs to create an ideal training and performance environment for his or her athletes.

Performance Features
  • Shock and sound absorbent
  • Great point elasticity
  • Unique performance system targeted for free weights
  • Dense top layer provides awesome give
  • Manufactured in the USA
Product Details
Available Dimensions :4-foot wide rolls with custom cut lengths
Available Colors :Basic Black; Wildcats 2; Vikings; Lions; Blue Jays; Cardinals; Devils; Tigers; Gators 2; Dark Gray; Steel Appeal 2; Mocha Latte 2; Blue


Ecore offers the right surface for virtually every sport and fitness application imaginable. Ecore’s recycled rubber products offer superior impact absorption and excellent slip resistant properties.

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