Engineered floor coverings design to enhance and support the heavy demand of exercise programing and equipment.

Ecore - RubberX

Ecore creates products that align-substantial force reduction with a balanced amount of energy return to create dynamic surfaces that are catered to the individual and the application. We engineer performance well beyond industry standards related to acoustics, ergonomics, and safety.

Designed to outperform your heaviest lifter, the RubberX system features a dense rubber surface field united to a SmashPad. The components of this system perform together to drastically reduce the transmission of heavy impacts, in both body and sound vibrations associated with strength training. RubberX is available in ten vibrant colors to boast your team pride. RubberX is a 20.5mm system that features a vibrant 2.5mm wear layer engineered with 8mm base layer, which is field united with the 10mm SmashPad.

Performance Features
  • Provides excellent force reduction
  • Sound absorbent
  • Suitable for Fitness, Sports and Student Rec Facilities
Product Details
Colors :Red Shirt, Blue Chip, The Wave, Benched, Underdog, Yellow Card, Recruit, False Start, All Star, MVP


Ecore offers the right surface for virtually every sport and fitness application imaginable. Ecore’s recycled rubber products offer superior impact absorption and excellent slip resistant properties.

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