Engineered floor coverings design to enhance and support the heavy demand of exercise programing and equipment.

Pavigym® - Free Weight Flooring

The Pavigym® Free Weight flooring provides maximum protection and unique aesthetics. The best solution for impact and sound absorption. The high density flooring offers extreme resistance against marks and impacts, while protecting the subfloor beneath. Pavigym® Free Weight flooring is specifically designed for areas where it is fundamental to soundproof against noise and vibrations. All the usual Pavigym design and customization possibilities with a wide range of colours, allow you to maintain high-quality design and aesthetics in the free weights area.

Performance Features
  • Maximum protection and unique aesthetics
  • Noise and vibration reduction
  • Resistance against marks and impacts
  • Wide range of colors and custom possibilities
Product Details
Dimensions :39 3/8"x 39 3/8"
Thickness :1 1/8"
Weight :19.2 lbs.
Color :Bamboo; Walnut; Beechwood; Mahogany; Wengue; Oak; Stone Grey; White Marble; Black Marble; Ice Blue; Quartz Rose; Spring Green; Ash Grey; Ocean Blue; Lava Red; Sunset Orange; Lime Green; Yellow; Purple


Pavigym® is a world leader in specialized health club surfacing, and the creator of the Functional Zone™ and proprietary floor system technology that enhances the beauty, functionality, and safety of today’s modern exercise facilities.

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