Engineered floor coverings design to enhance and support the heavy demand of exercise programing and equipment.

Pavigym® - Training Concepts (Functional Zone)

An attractive, fun and efficient zone to energize your sports center. With the Functional Zone, you will create an exclusive, personalized and innovative area in your facility, which also brings new exercise perspectives and possibilities without the need for major investment! Responds to current trends on the market (Functional Training, higher demand for PT and special programs, Small Group Training...). Offers instructors a new way of training which aims to attract and retain members. Maximizes space in your facility without additional costs. Members have the benefit of shorter classes, which are more fun , more interactive and more effective.

Performance Features
  • Energize the sports / aerobic acenter
  • Exclusive, personalized and innovative
  • Maximizes space
  • Responds to current trends on the market
Product Details
Floor Dimensions :13.25' L x 9.31' W
Display Dimensions :6.88' x 6.54'


Pavigym® is a world leader in specialized health club surfacing, and the creator of the Functional Zone™ and proprietary floor system technology that enhances the beauty, functionality, and safety of today’s modern exercise facilities.

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