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NuFit Corp.  - NuBells

The NuFit Corp. patented NuBells were designed with the biomechanics of the human in mind. We now understand the stress of tendons and ligament support when muscles are in motion with load (weights) bearing exercise. The weight of the NuBells is evenly distributed around the circle, so in reality the weight is evenly distributed around the lifting hand as opposed to weight on both sides of the hand.

When lifting with the NuFit Corp. NuBells the user can place the weight against their wrist, and with the weight being evenly distributed around the hand the exercises being performed can be done with perfect wrist position and support, thus eliminating torque in the wrist and elbow. (relieving unwanted tendon and ligament stress). The NuBells are an attractive looking weight because of the colors and design, but they are also designed to be safer and ergonomic when lifting. The steel weight is incased with plastic and rubber, making it safer for the user. The rubber, rounded edges help to prevent injury when the weight bumps into any part of the body.

Weighy Increments :5 - 50 lbs.
Colors :Green // Orange // Yellow // Pink // Gray // Black
Material :Balanced steel core, which is then infused with our plastic injected center rings

NuFit Corp.

NuFit Corp. transforms the simplistic dumbbell into a multi-use versatile gym. The NuBells 2-in-1 system is the foundation to an expanded and comprehensive fitness workout. NuBells cover a wide range of workouts focusing on ergonomics, comfort and balance.