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The Aktiv® AQUA Ball is a water fillable, reinforced PVC ball that delivers a unique stabilization challenge during functional movement. This dynamic stability increases the intensity of any exercise to offer new challenges. The Aktiv® AQUA Ball is a safe and effective way to train every muscle in your body. For a unique resistance training experience. Train Unpredictably™ with Aktiv AQUA; holds up to 6.6 gallons.

Every Aktiv® AQUA order will include a Filling Attachment to be used in combination with the Aktiv® AQUA Foot Pump. It is highly recommended to purchase the Aktiv® AQUA Foot Pump for optimal assembly.

Color :Blue
Capacity :Holds up to 6.6 gallons of water
Dimensions :15.7" Diameter
Includes :1 x Filling Attachment is included in every Aktiv AQUA order


Aktiv Solutions is the leader in functional training supply. Energizing and fun filled products designed to delivery dynamic training results.