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The Aktiv AQUA Beast is an intense, challenging conditioning tool that's ideal for athletes and sport training of all kinds. The largest of the Aktiv Aqua tools, the Beast delivers an extreme stabilization challenge to develop maximum power and strength. Train Unpredictably™ with the unstable weight of the water-fillable AQUA Beast.

The Aktiv AQUA Beast holds up to 15.8 gallons of water, providing a unique, dynamic challenge for your workout.

Every Aktiv AQUA order will include a Filling Attachment to be used in combination with the AQUA Foot Pump. It is highly recommended to purchase the AQUA Foot Pump for optimal assembly.

Color :Blue
Size :11.8" x 61"
Capacity :Up to 15.8 gallons of water
Includes :1 x Filling Attachment is included in every Aktiv AQUA order


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