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Aktiv Bands

Aktiv BANDS are not just high-quality resistance tubes, but an entire multi-planar, multi-modality training system. In conjunction with the The GYM RAX® Free Anchor™, Bands can be used to push, pull, twist, or squat with varied resistance in any direction or plane-of-motion. Move with ease from one movement to the next in a personal training or a group exercise session.

BANDS consists of two (2) comfortable and ergonomic Vert handles, Vert BANDS and six (6) Short BANDS, of 3 different resistance levels, manufactured specifically for Aktiv by STROOPS. Each BANDS is covered with their unique protective fabric sleeve called Slastix. Slastix not only extends the product life by protecting the elastic band from friction, nicks, or cuts, it also protects the user from potential breakage accidents.

Provide a unique, and effective functional training experience with Aktiv BANDS.

Colors :Grey, Blue, and Green
Resistance :Grey - Level 1, Blue - Level 2, Green - Level 3,
Grips :Articulating handles with D-ring glide


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