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Power Systems Monster Sled

Monster Sled is ideal for both training and coach-assisted runs. The 37" wide handle will accommodate wide and narrow grips, as well as alternate grip positions while pushing the sled. Target stride length by using the belt and harness. Improve forward and lateral movements with the shoulder strap and leads. The dual leads stabilize the sled during runs and drills. Round tubing allows for smooth slide with less damage to the field. Two 12" posts hold up to 540 lbs. of weight plates. Sled weighs 90 lbs. Assembly required. Additional shipping charges may apply. Plates sold separately. Sled sold alone or with leads or harness. Leads and harness also sold separately.

Features :Two 12" posts hold up to 540 lbs. of weight plates, 37” handle grip for wide and narrow grips
Color :Red
Dimensions :50" L x 32" W x 2" H

Power Systems