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SPRI - Step360™ Pro

Cardio, strength and flexibility workouts all are launched to the next level with the unique STEP360™ from SPRI Products, Inc. This versatile, functional training tool uniquely combines a stable platform atop dual inflatable oscillating air chambers for a valuable balance challenge during a multitude of functional and traditional exercises. All levels of exercisers can add excitement to their routines, improve core strength and stability, maximize exercise efficiency and achieve optimal performance through 360 degrees of movement.

The Step360 is accompanied with a hand pump, full color wall poster featuring some of the most popular Step360 movements and a DVD, “The 360 Training Experience” led by fitness experts Robert Sherman and Abbie Appel. The DVD features two 18-minute workouts and a few bonus sections.

Dimensions :23″ (platform)
Weight :20.6 lbs.
Includes :Step360 Training Wall Chart, hand pump, and an Instructor DVD containing two 18-minute 360 Training programs, along with instructor bonus sections.


As the pioneer of this simple, but effective method of strength training, toning and building lean muscle tissue, SPRI has remained on the cutting edge of today's exercise trends.