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ADVANTAGE Series - Stainless Steel Wipes Stand

Help keep your fitness center clean and minimize the spread of germs. The ADVANTAGE Stainless Steel Wipe Stand is an attractive and durable stand for dispensing wipes that features a center-pull wipe dispenser on top, making it easy to grab wipes with just one hand. Additionally, utilized wipes can be easily discarded into the receptacle through the fixed hole in the front of the stand.

While space-efficient with a sleek cylindrical design, this stainless steel stand will blend in seamlessly with the fitness facility. Designed to dispense the ADVANTAGE Series Anti-Bacterial Wipes and Wellness Center Wipes.

Dimensions :10" W x 35.5." H
Weight :15 lbs.
Color :Stainless steel


Our ADVANTAGE Line commercial fitness accessories provide safe, stylish, and hygienic enhancement to any fitness environment.