Strength Equipment

Strength Training encompasses the use of selectorized weight Machines, free-weights, and other equipment to support resistance based training.

Nautilus - HumanSport® Total Legs

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No other lower body machine can match the HumanSport® Total Legs for lower body training. Multiple positions target the hips, quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and lower legs. HumanSport strengthens individual muscle groups with outside stabilization, helping prepare and build the muscles you'll use in training, while developing your flexibility and stability to ensure you're ready for the harder work to come.

HumanSport's integration of core stabilization and multi-planar movements helps strengthen core muscles in your body, so you'll achieve overall strength and balance.

Performance Features
  • Multiple positions for exercise variety
  • A unique combination of wood and stainless steel styling
  • Oversized cable stroke lengths feature cable end fitting with ball bearing
  • Targets lower body exercises
Product Details
Weight Stack :2 x 88 lbs.
Machine Weight :691 lbs.
Dimensions :64" L x 39" W x 65" H


Nautilus® cardio and strength equipment represents the ideal combination of cutting-edge technology, superb craftsmanship, and heavy-duty commercial quality materials.

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