Resistance and Strength training equipment today represents the most diverse category of fitness and wellness supply.

TechnoGym® - Kinesis One

The Kinesis One can stand alone anywhere within your facility. Its stylish design, functionality and infinite movement possibilities attract high interest and allow members to explore a natural training experience. Kinesis One helps to improve balance, strength or flexibility through a zero-impact exercise for wellness-seekers of all ability and fitness levels.

The Kinesis One includes full gravity technology with an innovation that allows users to move tri-dimensionally with balanced resistance through any possible movement pattern. Incorporates a patent pending 360 degree rotating pulley system which enables movements in three planes. The Kinesis Visual Learning Software, combined with touch screen technology, allows for easy consultations and visualization of the basic and advanced movements of Kinesis. The double weight stack means each cable controls a single, independent resistance level.

Dimensions :65.2" H x 55.3" L


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