Resistance and Strength training equipment today represents the most diverse category of fitness and wellness supply.

Peak Pilates - Premier Reformer

An evolved version of the Classic, the popular Premier Reformer comes standard with a larger array of options and accessories for added functionality. As thoughtfully crafted as it is equipped, the Premier Reformer includes 4 gears, 5 springs, a 4 position foot bar, removable sidesplit platform, a classic long/short box and our signature pad and pillow set.

Peak Pilates® is elevating standards for quality of craftsmanship and durability with the new eco-friendly bamboo option for the studio line. The studio line equipment is now available in Natural and Amber Bamboo.

Dimensions :16in H x 26 ½ in W x 90in L
Colors :Standard with black upholstery; 80 custom colors.
Included Accessories :Standard (leather( or Large (ropes) Long / short box; Long spine straps (leather) or foot loops (ropes); Straps and handles (leather or ropes); Gear Block; Removable side-split platform; Reformer Accessory Package: 2 x 1-inch alignment pillows; 1 x 2-inch head support pillow; 1 x Large non-slip pad; Short box bar; Weighted Mat Bar

Peak Pilates

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