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TechnoGym® - ARKE™

The new ARKE™ Core Centric Training method, designed by the Technogym Scientific Centre, to achieve better physical movement as well as cardiovascular fitness. The ARKE™ tools are the best solution for full freedom of movement to perform day-to-day activities in the best possible way. As well as to achieve optimum physical fitness, coordination, stability, balance, flexibility, strength, speed, agility, reaction time, cardiovascular and respiratory capacity.

The ARKE™ offers a variety of virtually endless training options to suit, inspire, motivate and assist to retain customers and furthermore improve general level of wellness; all tools are divided into four categories, each represented by a different colour and bearing the names of the four classical elements: air, earth, water and fire. Each category provides easy identification and provides progression from basic to advanced.

Standard kit includes: :Air Ball (2 pcs); Wellness Ball 55 cm (1 pc); Wellness Ball 65 cm (1 pc); Balance Dome (1 pc); Stability Disk (2 pcs); Foam Roller (1 pc); Balance Pod (1 pc); Kettle Block 3 Kg (2 pcs); Water 8 Ball (1 pc); Water Ball 2.5 kg (1 pc); water Ball 5 kg (1 pc); Water Ball 10 kg (1 pc); Medicine Ball 3 kg (1 pc); Medicine Ball 5 kg (1 pc); Pendulum - with 5 kg and 10 kg balls (1 pc); Twin Club - ea. club weighs 3 kg (1 pc).
ARKE Set Holder Wall :Available Separately


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