Flexibility & Recovery

Stretching and mobility equipment and accessory in support of a balanced training regimen.

TechnoGym® - Active Sitting

With Wellness Ball™ - Active Sitting, your back performs a series of micro-movements that improve the spine-stabilizing action of your abdominal and lumbar muscles, known as the CORE muscles and also allows you to effortlessly perform stretching, muscle strengthening, toning and elongation exercises in a small space.

The handle on the cover displays a QR code which allows you to use your smartphone or tablet to access training programs specifically developed for Wellness Ball™ - Active Sitting in collaboration with doctors and spine specialists.

Standard Kit Includes: :Cover; A pump to inflate the Wellness Ball™ - Active Sitting; folded Wellness Ball™ - Active Sitting; A Quick Start Guide; A user manual
Size: :Available in 55 cm (recommended for people up to 66 inches in height) and 65 cm (Recommended for people taller than 66 inches)


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