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TechnoGym® - Ercolina Rehab - Selection

The Ercolina Rehab from the Selection Line is a multi-functional equipment for performing a wide variety of exercises for the whole body. Resistance is provided by a weight stack linked to a height adjustable cable, to which various accessories and handles (supplied) can be attached. We offer two basic modules: height adjustable handle (Ercolina Rehab) and the hi-low handle (Ercolina) as well as different accessories kit to compose the different configurations.

Modules can be installed alone or used to compose workstations: 2, 3 or 4 allowed (read carefully the attached coding details), each module is fitted with lateral bar, ankle band and 3 different types of grip.

Dimensions :95" H x 27" W x 31" L
Weight Stack / Weight Stack Oversize / Weight Stack Plus :55 lbs. / 100 lbs. / 130 lbs.


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