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TechnoGym® - Leg Curl - Element +

The TechnoGym Leg Curl features a seat and back pad that adjust together to ensure consistent comfort and support while minimizing hamstring constriction. Additonally, this commercial unit features a tibia roller pad that can be adjusted to change the starting angle and to make it easier to enter and exit the machine. The dual roller input eliminates one adjustment from traditional seated leg curls and minimizes potential for hyperextension of the knee.

The levers, buttons and pins are bright yellow and extremely visible. There are very few settings on each piece of equipment, and all can be easily reached from the workout position. The ergonomic seat and backrest are anatomically shaped to support the spinal column and to help users assume the correct position during their workout.

Dimensions :56" H x 41" W x 50" L
Weight :440 lbs.
Weight Stack :160 lbs.


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