Resistance and Strength training equipment today represents the most diverse category of fitness and wellness supply.

TechnoGym® - Pectoral Machine - Element +

The TechnoGym Pectoral Machine offers a decline movement pattern activates the largest percentage of pectoral muscles while minimizing anterior deltoid involvement. Additionally, this commercial unit features elbow pads which transfer force directly to the intended muscles. External rotation of the arm is minimized in order to reduce shoulder joint stress. Range of motion adjustment is made easily from the seated position.

The levers, buttons and pins are bright yellow and extremely visible. There are very few settings on each piece of equipment, and all can be easily reached from the workout position. Also, wherever possible, the adjustment controls are placed in consistent locations across the line.

Dimensions :56" H x 32" W x 59" L
Weight :380 lbs.
Weight Stack :180 lbs.


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