Flexibility & Recovery

Stretching and mobility equipment and accessory in support of a balanced training regimen.

SolaJet™ DRYWAVE™ Massage System

The all NEW SolaJet DRYWAVE Massage System is an dramatic new wave in massage. SolaJet™ DRYWAVE™ Massage System delivers a full body, high pressure wave of water, intended to help flush and condition muscles while stimulating the lymphatic system, all while you remain clothed and dry. SolaJet is an effective form of massage due to its deep tissue penetration and soothing waves of warm water.

The industries most powerful yet soothing jets of warm water deliver deep tissue massage, therapeutic heat and a flushing wave action that promotes circulation. Air infused water combines to provide the ultimate massage experience. SolaJet has unsurpassed pressure and preferred massaging action, an advanced sound suppression system, multiple patented features all backed by the best warranty in the industry.

Dimensions :35" W x 80" L x 24" H
Weight :480 lbs.
Maximum User Weight :400 lbs.
Motor/Pump :2HP
Massage Zone :13" x 50"