Stretching and mobility equipment and accessory in support of a balanced training regimen.

TechnoGym® - Anterior Stretching Machines

The Anterior maintains the correct alignment of the spine and core while providing a modulated lengthening of the anterior muscles of the trunk and lower limbs. Comfort, stability and easy access ensure that the Anterior is suitable for all types of users and most beneficial to those who sit for long lengths of time. It uses an innovative padding material called "Memory" with a filling that molds to an individual's body shape while the leg platform features three different stretching angles: 0°, 20° and 45°, these different angles expand the range of exercise and increase lengthening options for thigh muscles.

Each machine is equipped with a brake system that ensures the setting position is maintained during exercise enabling users to switch the exercise mode - progressing gradually from the static to the active-assistive mode.

Dimensions : 22.4" W x 75.9" L x 48.8: H
Weight :132.2 lbs.


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