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The Technogym SKILLMILL is the first machine to allow everyday athletes to improve their power, speed, stamina and agility in a single product. Safe, engaging and effective, SKILLMILL offers all the benefits of professional sports training.

Stay connected, monitor and store all of your workout data and keep track of the progress you make with Athletic Performance Training via Technogym’s cloud-based mywellness® open platform. This unique solution boasts a huge variety of workout routines to train the entire body, allowing your members to train like athletes for peak performance. With SKILLMILL, you can quickly improve your performance through training skills in power, speed, stamina and agility.

Dimensions :18.9" W x 66.1" L
Weight :397 lbs.
Resistance Technology :Multidrive technology
Surface Trajectory Control :On-slat bearings
Network Connectivity :WiFi
Maximum Speed :No Limit


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