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Power Plate - my7

Take your health and fitness to its highest level with more than 250 customized programs and more than 1,000 individual exercises. The Power Plate my7 is the pinnacle of our unique whole body vibration technology. This advanced whole body vibration device features an integrated touch screen computer complete with more than a thousand exercise videos and coaching tips to guide you through whole body vibration training tailored to your needs.

Performance Features
  • Power of a personal trainer at your fingertips
  • Training and possibilities are limitless
  • proMOTION™ dynamic cables are embedded
  • Dual Sync Twin Motor System - maintains precise balance
  • Time Selections: 30, 45 or 60 seconds / up to 9 minutes
Product Details
Dimensions :33in x 39in x 59in
Weight :295 lbs.
Color :Graphite
Maximum Load :350 lbs.
Power Supply :100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz Universal Voltage
Included :proMOTION Handles (set of 2); Hand Straps (set of 2); Rubber Mat; Instructions for Use; Dust Covers (column and platform); Power Cord

Power Plate

Bringing more than 15 years experience in whole body vibration training, Power Plate accelerates scientifically-established health and fitness benefits to deliver faster and longer lasting results.

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