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Power Plate - Personal

The Personal Power Plate is a multi-benefit exercise tool that helps you reach your goals, faster and more effectively. Delivering the gold standard in whole body vibration technology, the Personal Power Plate has a set frequency of 35 Hz, a 30 or 60 second timer, and a remote control for easy operation. In fact, studies have shown Power Plate users lose twice as much fat over six months over those using simple fitness and diet alone.

Add the Personal Power Plate to your routine and experience the world-renowned vibration technology that is now available in it's most compact size.

Performance Features
  • PrecisionWave™ Technology
  • Easy to store under a bed or in a closet
  • Various case options for travel and quick, on the go workouts
  • Vibration Energy Output (amplitude): Low or High
  • Time Selections: 30 or 60 seconds
Product Details
Dimensions :27.5 " W x 18.7" D x 6.2" H
Color :Black
Frequency / Pre-Set Frequencies :35Hz
Weight :40.4 lbs
Maximum Load :264 lbs.
Power Supply :100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz Universal Voltage
Included :Hand Straps (set of 2); Rubber Mat; Remote Control; Instructions for Use; Soft Cloth Carrying Case; Power Cord
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