Functional Training

Static functional training apparatus designed to facilitate dynamic personal and group training.


The Xponential+ Accessory Bundle includes all the specific equipment needed to support every XPLUS workout. The kit includes: a Foam Roller, Slam Ball, set of Aktiv Chroma Hand Weights, a pair of Yoga Blocks, a Pilates Ball, Aktiv Suspension STRAPS, Strength Band set, Resistance Loop set, and a Stretching Strap.

Performance Features
  • Supports functional strength, stability, and balance sessions
  • X+ Equipment for every class
  • Variable weights and adjustable straps to accommodate all participants
  • Commercial grade quality, fit & finish
  • Each accessory can be stored easily on the Xponential+ Training Bay to ensure the space is left open for movement
Product Details
36 in Foam Roller, 2 cork Yoga Blocks, Pilates ball, Stretching Strap
Light Strength Band, Green: 1/2" W, provides 5-25 lbs of resistance; Medium Strength Band, Blue: 1" W, provides 10-35 lbs of resistance; Heavy Strength Band, Grey: 1 1/8" W, provides 30-50 lbs of resistance
Light Resistance Loops - for beginners; Medium Resistance Loops - for intermediate users; Heavy Resistance Loops - Intermediate to advanced exercises
Slam ball - 15 lb
Aktiv Chroma Dumbbell set - 2.5lb, 5lb, 7.5lb, 10lb, 15 lb


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